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Distribute meal, fuel, communication, gifts, and other tax benefits digitally using Zaggle employee cards and help them claim tax benefits without hassles.

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The Zaggle Zinger Card is a Visa-powered physical card that works like any debit card, with several special features up its sleeve.

Employees can access all their tax-saving reimbursements via this secure multi-wallet card which is linked to their multiple cloud accounts. Load the employee data on to the server and link it to the card for simple and hassle-free funds disbursement.

How it works


Upload employee details

Upload .csv or .xls file containing employee details.


Add funds to the dashboard

Load money into the Zaggle Corporate Dashboard.


Send benefits digitally

Allocate the funds into employee’s Zaggle cards instantly.

Cashless and paperless employee’s tax-benefit solution.

No more paper vouchers. Your employees can spent the benefits digitally through Zaggle Cards, powered by VISA or MasterCard.

Our ease-to-use dashboard enables you to send the benefits electronically.

Explore Zaggle’s tax benefit offerings

Meal Card

Zaggle meal card is a hassle-free tax saving tool that can be offered by corporates to their employees. A quick and easy way to access the meal benefits at a single swipe!

Zaggle meal card is a quick, easy, and engaging employee benefit card solution that is accepted both online and POS machines.


Claiming the fuel reimbursement is never been easy. Tedious work on spreadsheets, storing bills, manually verifying and clearing payments by finance team involves huge time. Thus affecting process efficiency.

With Zaggle benefits card, your employees can swipe the card at all fuel stations, he/she gets a notification to the app and they are allowed to upload the fuel bills on the go. All the bills are stored in the cloud and get verified by admins. Zaggle corporate dashboard enables the company’s admin to add, manage and track the funds.

Gadget reimbursement

Helps your employees stay up-to-date with technology and allow them to access tax-exempt gadgets. Gadget reimbursement is for the purchase of gadgets like laptops, tablets or mobile phones. An employee can save taxes and enjoy the tax exemption on the purchase of electronic gadgets.

You can instantly load your employee’s gadget wallet with funds either monthly, quarterly or yearly and distribute it through the Zaggle Corporate Dashboard. Employees can upload the bills upon the successful transaction of gadget purchase. Zaggle Benefits card offers options to buy gadgets online or at stores as it has wide acceptance.

LTA Tax Benefits

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) gives your employee some quality time to spend with his/her family and reduces the burden of tax liability up to certain limits and conditions.

Zaggle provides employers the facility to access all the LTA claims at one place, set limits, and protect documents for audit purposes in the future.

Gift Allowance

Providing a gift allowance to your employees is a cumbersome process involving selection from a catalog of gift items, procurements, vendor management, and logistical hassles.

With Zaggle's simplified tax-saving gifting solution employers can create and send the digital grants electronically to employees. Our solution eliminates the hassles of vendor management, logistics and does not require any storage. What's more, these gifts are tax-exempt up to Rs.5000 a year. Zaggle gifts have wide acceptance in online and at all retail POS machines.



Pay online or at physical stores


Save tax more than Rs. 80k on income


Wide acceptance


Flexible switching between wallets


No usage fee


Highly secure

Trusted by 4000+ Brands Across the world

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