Easy-to-use single integrated Reward, Recognition & Engagement platform

One platform to manage all your Employee and Channel Partner reward programs

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Why Employee
Rewards &

Rewarding employees for their achievements is essential to boost motivation and improve retention. Zaggle Rewards Platform is simple, easy to use system and can also be used for channel incentives.

Great rewards are great for business



Happy employees foster a healthy work environment



Motivated employees have a longer employment.



Employees who are engaged will result in higher productivity.



Productive environment results in better bottom-lines.

Multiple Occasions, One Solution

Zaggle Rewards Platform is a comprehensive and easy to use system to manage your employee and channel partner reward programs.

Now you can recognize, engage, motivate and reward your employees/partners from a single integrated platform.

  • Peer-to-Peer Reward
  • Performance Rewards
  • Rewards For Personal Occasions
  • Employee Wellness Benefits

Channel Incentives Program

Zaggle helps companies build more profitable relationships with your distributors, retailers and channel partners

How often have we seen that channel incentive or loyalty programs have failed miserably? because goals are not clear, timelines crunched and competition is tough.

Zaggle's custom channel incentive and loyalty program helps measure engagement and an increase in sales by motivating high performers and constantly encouraging the low performers to step up and do more sales.

Benefits of Channel Incentives Program


Increase focus on cross
selling & up selling


Ensure consistency in


Attract talent by enhancing
the "Employer Brand"


Enhance Sales by incentivising
high performers


Drives multiple achievements & new
competency developments


Drive Longevity in
the organization

How it Works


Set your Budget

86% of companies with rewards programs are happier


Recognise and motivate

Acknowledge your employees and their performances.


Distribute Rewards

Reward your workforce with Zaggle points as you wish.


Redeem at site

Employees choose their own gifts from Zaggle’s site.

Why Businesses  

  • 1. Brand Vouchers based Rewards

    Choose all kinds of vouchers from a wide range of popular brands.,be it shopping or entertainment.

  • 2. High On Acceptance

    Our gift cards are on Visa/Master network which are accepted across one million merchants depending on the card construct.

  • 3. Micro-site

    The microsite is a self-handled portal hosting reward catalogue, with booking and checkout functionality integrated with customization

  • 4. Scheduled Disbursements

    Send reward points automatically on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and performance milestones

  • 5. Real Time Reports

    Zaggle informs you of the total points, as well as those recharged or redeemed, and the entire control of the program is at your fingertips

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