Simplify business payments through control and visibility over expenses

Zaggle is an all-in-one business spend management platform that empowers your businesses to spend smarter, therefore, saving time, money. Resulting in happy and satisfied employees.

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Old-school vs real-time expensing

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Capture accurate expense data
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Automate your expense
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Instant visiblity of spending
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reports and approvals


Continuous sync to your
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Hassle-free Reimbursements
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Travel & Expense Management

T&E costs are the second most troublesome expense line item for businesses to control. So, move away from spreadsheets and paper receipts.

Zaggle’s mobile T&E solution, can allow employees to submit their trips and expenses with ease. This ensures that companies gain completely visibility over travel and expense spends and, become 100% compliant, it also helps them to find opportunities to save money.

Prepaid Cards for Business Expenses

Zaggle gives you the easiest and smartest platform to manage all your business expenses through VISA-powered Zaggle Cards.

A simple alternative to corporate debit/credit cards and cash advances, Zaggle enables your employees to move from paper-heavy to paperless and cashless, while at the same time allowing businesses to track employee spends and sync all the data to their accounting systems with ease.

Petty Cash Management

Petty cash management can turn into a headache. Zaggle simplifies the whole process and helps businesses manage multiple branches from anywhere. Businesses have real-time visibility and control over branch-wise expenses.

Zaggle automatically forwards all the data to the bookkeeping & ERP systems for accounting. This enables a streamlined paperless flow without any controlling peaks.

Employee Expense Reimbursement

Zaggle improves employee satisfaction with faster reimbursements.

By reducing employee reimbursement cycle time by two-thirds, Zaggle helps the businesses and employees save time and costs. Employees making purchases through cash or personal debit cards can simply take a photograph of the receipt and upload it onto the app. Zaggle takes care of the rest.

Gain complete control with real time dashboard

Zaggle brings all employees and expenses on one platform giving centralised visibility and control over company wide expenditures,
anytime, across any device.

Safe, Secure and Simple


Quick On-boarding

Add employees individually or upload .csv / xls file to on-board easily on our dashboard


Accurate Data

As the data is digitized, there is no fear of lost receipts resulting in mapped data as per expense.


Setup Account

Configure all company settings like spend limits, categories, approval, company policies, etc.


Manage Expenses

Fund, track and manage all the expenses at one place through our dashboard and mobile apps

Integrations with accounting software

Zaggle works seamlessly with various accounting systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks.
You can now import all expenses and associated data with a single click.

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